Clash of the Titans Movie Review


Clash of the Titans is a high action loaded remake of the traditional 1981 film of the same name. This digitized 3-D legendary is a retelling of the storied fight between good and wicked. The 2010 film celebrities Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, and Ralph Fiennes, among others, playing the duties of Gods, Humans, and evil beings not seen given that the legendary age. While well obtained at the box office by moviegoers, gaining over $60 million in its opening weekend break, exactly how the movie contrast in regards to top quality?

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Clash of the Titans tells the story of Perseus, the half god-half guy child of the Zeus, King of all the gods and ruler of Mt. Olympus. Perseus discovers himself in the middle of the supreme battle between excellent and also wicked. Evil here is represented by several CGI created beasts and the so called leader of the underworld, Hades.

Clash of the Titans Movie Review

Perseus is played by Sam Worthington who does just sufficient to make us believe he can conveniently play a sword possessing brute, while Neeson and Fiennes, that are fantastic actors in their very own right give the movie true celebrity support by playing Zeus and Hades 0couchtuner. The two siblings, Zeus and also Hades, are combating to see who is right in their idea of their human subordinates.

The testimonials that have been pouring in over this movie are a mixed bag of rewards the general gist is that many customers aren’t especially pleased with all. Sure the action is great, and also the monsters are incredibly electronically simulated; however, the story and also plot is mediocre. The film is marketed as being 3-D, yet the producers essentially just tacked on the impact after seeing the monstrous success of Avatar this previous winter. The 3-D results are too infrequent to be taken seriously. Additionally, the fact that this is a remake of an incredibly popular 1981 film that numerous movie critics love in their heart and the uninspired result of this present edition develops an experience that many customers did not like.