Gifting Problem Solved Now with Vanilla Visa


Already the holiday season is fast approaching. Still do not know what to ask for gifts or what to buy for family members who have a passion for travel? We have put together my top 6 gift ideas for travelers that should help you and inspire you. All that we propose in this list is real favorites for me. With the Vanilla Visa by your side the options are perfect.

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Are you a fan of slow travel or are you more interested in this type of trip? This book from  publishers will make you want to settle down for a while in one of the most hectic cities on the planet to discover it more deeply.

A box Food Trip To

Food Trip To boxes is just great. This is a great way to spend a great evening with friends at home by traveling his taste buds at the end of the world. To see my full article on my Food Trip to Japan, it’s here.

Food Trip To Box

Here is the link to the Food Trip To website, you can choose between the annual subscription or the individual box.

If you decide to buy certain items online, you will definitely see expensive products appear first. But you absolutely must not feel obliged to buy the latest iPhone or the latest game console for the sole reason that this person is used to receiving overpriced products. The most important thing is undoubtedly the gesture. It is therefore essential to put all your heart, rather than to leave your wallet. Giving meaning to your gift will make it even more beautiful, more real and more touching. This is also how you can show a person how much they care about you.

Gifting Problem Solved Now with Vanilla Visa

Children are encouraged to make small gifts or make a drawing that they can then pack and offer personally at Christmas Eve. Need ideas: cardboard to paint on which we stick a picture of the child, angel in salt dough, pasta necklace, etc. We choose a time when it is nice to indulge in this activity (while you wrap gifts or that you cook), we put music of atmosphere and it makes a great moment of pleasure. No question of preparing gifts by grumbling or grumbling. Children are reminded that there are no grumpy elves in Santa’s workshop! Example: Frédérike prepares necklaces with pearls and buttons that she offers to her aunts at Christmas.

Buying a cheap gift

We can give them one or two dollars and bring them so they can choose a gift for a few people. Thus, they must take the time to think about what these people like and must also make choices because they cannot buy everything (even if they are often very generous!) With their budget. Example: Justin, 4, chose to buy a cup because he knows that his grandmother likes to have tea.

Snack or sandwich bags: It’s so much more beautiful than a Ziploc bag, and really good for the environment. And you know, sometimes, if the container is beautiful kids will eat better content! After, they are simply put in the washer or dishwasher! Children will love to put mustard or mayonnaise on slices of bread, and once the sandwich is finished, we let them choose if we cut into 2 triangles, 2 rectangles or 4 squares. It is also possible to cut cucumber slices or pepper strips. It’s crazy all the geometric shapes we have in our lunch!